Meet the Authors

David AndersonHow to Successfully Manage an Essbase System (with Natalie Delemar)

David Anderson is the business application delivery manager at a leading health and hospital system. From implementations to maintaining systems, he has worked directly and indirectly with Oracle Essbase at several industry-leading corporations since 2004. With his background in both finance and technology, he brings the customer’s perspective to managing Essbase environments.

Joe AultmanSystem Automation the Groovy Way

Joe has messed around with computers his whole life. His father, an electrical engineer, brought his toys home often (the ones that would fit in the car). The handheld calculator with the red numbers was a favorite. Joe started his programming career on a TRS-80 from Radio Shack and enjoyed writing amusing BASIC programs on the Atari computers on display at Sears. The Commodore 64 his mother bought him still works.

Essbase boot camp was a revelation, partially because of the enthusiasm it excited in the instructor. Joe was intrigued that a mere database application could be so inspiring. That was the year 2000. Now an Essbase professional, Joe has seen that same excitement in the eyes and voices of many friends and associates. He considers himself lucky to do what he does. Joe can often be heard to say, even when not asked, “Essbase is the coolest tech there is!”

John Booth Building the Foundation: Essbase Infrastructure, Essbase on Exalytics and the “Secret Sauce”

John Booth is an Oracle Ace with more than 20 years of experience with information technology. He is somewhat unusual by his focus on both Hyperion and BI Infrastructure and Hyperion Applications. Since 1992, he has moved through a variety of increasingly complex technical support and senior software development roles. Between 1998 and 2007, he spent his time in the corporate world at Capital One Financial, where in the last several years he managed the first five Capital One Hyperion Planning applications. John made the leap into consulting in 2008 and really embraced the Hyperion community online through the Oracle Technical Network forums and the Network 54 Essbase forum. In 2009, he brought his blog online and has posted many technical articles, from making IE 8 work with earlier versions of Hyperion to focusing on the Amazon cloud. John is also actively involved in the Oracle Developer Tools Users Group (ODTUG) from the KSCOPE conference to Experts Panels. Contact him via e-mail at; Twitter at @johnabooth; his company website,; or LinkedIn at

Gary CrisciPractical MDX for Essbase Developers

Gary Crisci is a business intelligence professional with more than 17 years of finance, accounting, and information systems experience. He has held various positions throughout his career in credit and cash management, financial planning and analysis, and as an EPM Solutions consultant. Currently Gary is a vice president, data architect at Morgan Stanley.

Gary specializes in Oracle EPM/BI product solutions, with advanced expertise in Oracle Essbase. He was certified in Essbase in 2004, and in 2008 was granted an Oracle ACE Award. In 2010, while serving as president of the Oracle Developer Tools User Group – Hyperion Special Interest Group, Gary and his fellow board members were awarded the 2010 Oracle Development Tools User Group (ODTUG) Volunteer Award.

Gary has been a frequent contributor to Oracle/Hyperion online communities like the Oracle Technology Network and Network54 Essbase forum. He believes in being an ambassador of information sharing and frequently speaks in public forums regarding Oracle technology, including the annual ODTUG Kaleidoscope conference.

Natalie DelemarHow to Successfully Manage an Essbase System (with David Anderson)

Natalie Delemar is a consultant with Ernst & Young and has worked with Essbase since 1999. Prior to becoming a consultant in 2010, she held various roles including Essbase developer, Hyperion administrator, and Hyperion systems manager in a number of industries. She is very active in the EPM/BI user community and has served as the EPM/BI content chair of the Kaleidoscope conference for the last two years.

Dave FarnsworthBSO Will Never Die and Here is Why

Dave Farnsworth is vice president of Solutions Experts, Inc., a systems integrator and software development company specializing in Oracle Essbase and Planning. Trained as a COBOL programmer, he was introduced to Essbase in 1994. He brings many years of experience creating financial, budgeting, accounting, and reporting analysis for corporate users.

Tim German Hybrid Essbase: Evolution or Revolution? (with Cameron Lackpour), Essbase Performance and Load Testing

Tim German is a director at Qubix, a boutique Oracle EPM consulting firm. He has been working with the EPM Suite for more than 15 years, with a particular focus on designing systems around Essbase and related tools. Tim blogs at, contributes regularly to OTN and Network54 Essbase forums, and is a frequent conference speaker. He can be reached on LinkedIn or via Twitter at @CubeCoderDotCom.

William HodgesSmart View Your Way

Toward the 10th year of a stable career in academia, specializing in decision support technologies, William Hodges accepted an invitation to step into the trenches to participate directly in the implementation of the type of management-support applications he could only talk about in an academic environment. He has spent the last 15 years pursuing this line of work in various capacities, including as a certified Essbase boot camp instructor, an independent consultant, a co-proprietor of a successful mid-size consulting firm, and, more recently, on the consulting staff of The Hackett Group, one of today’s largest international Oracle EPM implementers. This career evolution gives him a unique alternate perspective on the challenges and opportunities EPM technologies offer to designers, implementers, and consumers of management and decision support.

Cameron LackpourSlay Bad Data in Essbase, Hybrid Essbase: Evolution or Revolution? (with Tim German), Managing Spreadsheets (and Essbase) through Dodeca

Cameron Lackpour first worked with OLAP technology in the dinosaur days of mainframe multidimensional databases and saw the Essbase light in 1993. He has been in the consulting business since 1996, creating solutions for customers using Essbase, Planning, and anything else that ties to those two products. Cameron is active on OTN’s and Network54’s Essbase message boards, the ODTUG Hyperion Special Interest Group, the ODTUG Board of Directors, and his Essbase Hackers blog—sharing knowledge makes his day interesting. An Oracle ACE since 2011 and an ACE Director as of 2012, Cameron thought that writing yet another book would be “fun.” He hopes you enjoy it. Contact him on Twitter at @CameronLackpour and read his blog at

Mike NaderFinding the Dirt: Tricks for Rapid Prototyping with Essbase Studio, Copernicus was Right: Integrating Oracle Business Intelligence and Essbase

Mike Nader is an Oracle Ace and has more than 18 years’ experience working in the BI/EPM space. Mike has worked both in industry and directly for Hyperion Solutions and Oracle. He is a contributing and lead author on three books around EPM/BI technologies, and has presented at more than 20 technical conferences over the years. Mike is the former Global Domain lead for Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics with Oracle. In addition, Mike was the former product manager for Essbase and Smart View at Hyperion Solutions and Oracle. He is currently a practice director for BI and Analytics for Huron Consulting.

Martin NeuliepThe Young Person’s Guide to Essbase Cube Design

Martin Neuliep has designed and built multidimensional database systems since 1988, focusing on Essbase since 1994. He learned Essbase from its inventor, Bob Earle, and has worked on applications in a wide variety of areas ranging from healthcare utilization to international banking activity to fashion supply chain optimization, in addition to financial planning and analysis. He also focuses on related metadata and data integration solutions and specializes in system performance optimization. Besides crafting systems, Martin also concentrates on training. He was a co-author of the original Essbase Bootcamp curriculum and has delivered courses worldwide. He founded General Analytics in 2001.

Dan PressmanHow ASO Works and How to Design for Performance

Dan Pressman is president of nTuple, LLC, a development company specializing in Oracle EPM, Essbase, and Planning. His experience encompasses the full suite of EPM products, and he is an expert at cube/database tuning and the development of large, complex systems, particularly ASO.

Dan has a BS in EE/Computer Science and an MBA in Finance from Columbia University. He learned programming first in FORTRAN and Assembler on the IBM 360, and mastered many other languages including his all-time favorite, SNOBOL. Dan has worked in many industries, eventually becoming a director of Financial Planning and Analysis. After being introduced to Essbase in 1993, he found it to be an ideal vehicle for his combination of technical and financial training and experience. His work has been focused on Essbase and Oracle EPM in the 20 years since that introduction.

Robb Salzmann – Advanced Smart View

Robb has more than 20 years of software development and consulting leadership experience; the last 13 years focused specifically on Oracle Hyperion EPM. Currently he is the Essbase Domain lead at Accelatis, LLC. Accelatis produces Ascension Suite, a software product that provides infrastructure management, fault remediation, system optimization, and automation of EPM Systems.

Robb also heads an EPM consulting group, ePerformance Path. EPP’s work is concentrated in the area of Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management implementations with an additional focus on software development. It provides EPM solution providers and businesses with creative, flexible solutions through design leadership and EPM product based solutions by leveraging various technologies and product APIs.

Robb actively contributes to the EPM community by volunteering with ODTUG, participating as a subject matter expert in forums and on OTN, and provides a regularly updated blog that focuses on EPM technology.

Glenn SchwartzbergUtilizing SQL to Enhance Your Essbase Experience

Glenn Schwartzberg has been an IT professional for more than 30 years, falling in love with Essbase with version 3.1.1. He was honored to be named an Oracle ACE and after that an Oracle ACE Director. He speaks at conferences all over the world, evangelizing Essbase and the other EPM products, not because he has to but because of his love of the products and of sharing information.

Tim TowDeep Inside the Essbase Java API

Tim Tow is the founder and president of Applied OLAP and the visionary for the Dodeca user interface. He has been an Essbase developer for more than 15 years and his frequent contributions to the Essbase community earned him the honor of being the first ever Oracle ACE Director in the Hyperion world. Tim has presented dozens of sessions at Microsoft TechEd, Arbor Dimensions, Hyperion Solutions, and ODTUG Kaleidoscope conferences.

Angela WilcoxBSO Is Dead, Long Live ASO (Converting BSO to ASO)

Angela Wilcox is currently employed as a BI Architect with JCPenney in Plano, Texas. Prior to JCPenney (retail) Angela worked for The Principal (insurance), and Brintech (banking). Previous to those positions she was a career consultant working for AWilcox Consulting, Canutes Consulting, Beacon Consulting, and ShowCase Corporation.

Angela has had an active role in the ODTUG community as the president of the Hyperion SIG (2010-2011) and secretary (2009-2010). She has presented at many technical conferences in the past 10 years. Loving education and knowledge sharing, and committed to ongoing mentoring, Angela is very active on the Network 54 and OTN Essbase message boards.