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In this book:

  • Building the Foundation: Essbase Infrastructure – John Booth
  • Slay Bad Data in Essbase – Cameron Lackpour
  • Finding the Dirt: Tricks for Rapid Prototyping with Essbase Studio – Mike Nader
  • BSO Will Never Die and Here is Why – Dave Farnsworth
  • BSO Is Dead, Long Live ASO (Converting BSO to ASO) – Angela Wilcox
  • Practical MDX for Essbase Developers – Gary Crisci
  • How ASO Works and How to Design for Performance – Dan Pressman
  • Deep Inside the Essbase Java API – Tim Tow
  • System Automation the Groovy Way – Joe Aultman
  • Advanced Smart View – Robb Salzmann
  • How to Successfully Manage an Essbase System – Natalie Delemar and David Anderson